Master Studies

Master studies are a great way to aid in the understanding of colour and composition. I spend between 1 to 1.5 hours on a master study thumbnail each day. These primarily focus on landscapes as I prefer to spend a little longer on portrait master studies. Below is a selection of the studies I have completed in the last month or so. (Originals on the top, study below)

Paintings number 1 and 4 are by Nathan Fowkes. He is an artist that I truly admire. His knowledge and application of colour and light is something i strive to gain a greater understanding of. His original paintings were painted in Gouache and watercolours and can be found on his sketchbook blog

Paintings 3 and 5 are by Edgar Payne, another artist I highly respect. The colour palettes he used are really interesting to analyse. 

Painting 6 is by the awesome Craig Mullins. A digital painting master by all means!

Photo 2 is a reference photograph from PicMonkey

I'll be updating the blog soon with some posts of my most recent concept art paintings. Keep a look out.