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The CFR-08778 is used within the industrial sector and aids in a variety of tasks including (but not limited to...) transportation of goods and people, storage and shelter.



Mechs are one of the many things i love to design. Maybe its because they have an 'industrial design' feel to them. 

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This is a worked over version of my 2D character challenge entry over at the Gnomon workshop forums back in August. The topic was Mad Max and following the release of the awesome new trailer, I couldn't pass on developing one of my own characters.

Master Studies

Master studies are a great way to aid in the understanding of colour and composition. I spend between 1 to 1.5 hours on a master study thumbnail each day. These primarily focus on landscapes as I prefer to spend a little longer on portrait master studies. Below is a selection of the studies I have completed in the last month or so. (Originals on the top, study below)

Paintings number 1 and 4 are by Nathan Fowkes. He is an artist that I truly admire. His knowledge and application of colour and light is something i strive to gain a greater understanding of. His original paintings were painted in Gouache and watercolours and can be found on his sketchbook blog

Paintings 3 and 5 are by Edgar Payne, another artist I highly respect. The colour palettes he used are really interesting to analyse. 

Painting 6 is by the awesome Craig Mullins. A digital painting master by all means!

Photo 2 is a reference photograph from PicMonkey

I'll be updating the blog soon with some posts of my most recent concept art paintings. Keep a look out.